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Keywords - analog circuit, energy-efficient amplifier, power converter (PMIC), voltage regulator, display driver (DDI),
low-noise readout (ROIC), photon-counting (PCD), switched-capacitor/switched-current (SC/SI)
Topic | 01
Display Driver IC for OLED/LCD Displays
  • Area-efficient high-resolution digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with gamma-correction

  • High-speed output driving amplifier

  • Pixel readout embedded in column-channel to maximize OLED life-time

  • Fully-integrated wafe-level CMOS backplane for micro-LED displays

Topic | 02
Power Conversion and Management IC
  • Switch-mode power converter using inductive, capacitive, and hybrid techniques

  • Energy-harvesting circuits and systems

  • High-PSRR low-dropout (LDO) regulator

  • Battery management and charger IC

  • Power control and management circuits

Topic | 03
Sensor-Interface and Readout IC
  • Array-readout IC for imaging applications

  • Low-dose X-ray detector and TFT ROIC

  • Photon-counting detector (PCD)

  • Displays with touch-sensing functionality

  • Large-area electronic (LAE) with poly-Si and a-Si:H TFTs fabricated on glass/plastic substrates

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